How To Find A VCE English Tutor

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How To Find A VCE English Tutor

English is a compulsory subject for students taking the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE). The VCE English examination consists of three sections. These are analytical interpretation of texts, comparative analysis of texts, and argumentative and persuasive language. Preparing for your VCE English examinations can be a daunting task. As such, you may seek the assistance of a tutor to help you study for the test. Below is a short guide on how to find a qualified VCE English tutor. 

Success Rate

Conduct some background research to ascertain the qualifications and experience of the tutor. What was the score of students who have used the tutor's services in the past? You may want to avoid tutors whose students performed dismally.

What is the tutor's teaching methodology? A learner-centred approach allows the tutor to pay close attention to your weaknesses. It is a sure way to improve your score.

The tutor must be an excellent communicator. He or she should ask for constant feedback to ensure you comprehend the course material.

The professional should be someone that inspires success among his or her students. More often than not, students will need some motivation to improve their drive to succeed.

The tutor should give regular assessments to gauge your understanding of the course material. 


Check the availability of your tutor. For instance, you may require weekend and night lessons if you have a busy schedule. Most tutors will ask their students to suggest a comfortable meeting location. It may be in a park, your home, at a restaurant or at a bookstore. Choose a quiet place that does not have many distractions.


Some people will enjoy studying as a group to get a class-like experience. If this is the case, ask the tutor to organise group sessions. Online services are ideal if the tutor lives far from your current location. Besides, they will help you keep social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

When working with an online tutoring company, inquire whether you will work with one or multiple tutors. For instance, some companies will have different tutors for each of the units. 


The tutor should be reasonably priced. Most tutors will ask you to pay a deposit at the beginning of the course. Other payments are made in instalments as you progress. Some tutors will give a free one-hour session to allow you to gauge their proficiency. You are free to terminate the service if you think the tutor is not a good match. 

When looking for an English tutor, examine his or her success rate, availability, services and pricing. 

To learn more, contact a resource that offers VCE English tutoring.

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