Three reasons to consider using a child care centre

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Three reasons to consider using a child care centre

When you are looking for a child care centre, what requirements are foremost in your mind? In most cases, good parents will be looking for a child care centre because they believe it will be helpful for their child and not for their own convenience. If you aren't yet certain whether or not you should place your child at a centre or care for them at home for longer, here are three ways that time spent at a child care centre can be beneficial for your child.

Strengthens early development

Childhood is the time when more developmental and physical changes happen than at any other point in your life. Supporting that development and encouraging both the social and the cognitive growth of your child is one of the most vital roles played by the child care centre. Throughout the early years of their life, each child is developing the architecture of their brain as they form connections and build the foundation that will guide them through life. Time at a child care centre can shape that foundation by helping your child learn how to build relationships and interact with the world around them. They will explore their surroundings in the way that best suits them through creative play.

Enhances cultural awareness

Knowing who they are is vital for any child. To feel secure, a child needs to understand their place in the world. They need to be grounded in their own culture and to be aware of other cultures and traditions in their community. A child care centre can build those community connections through exposure to play, music and food. Your child will learn about the world around them and where they fit into Australian society.

Builds creative intelligence

While your child may be too young for formal schooling, that doesn't mean that they aren't learning anything. The play-based learning that takes place at a child care centre is perfect for encouraging your child to build hypotheses and to take risks in a safe environment. At the child care centre they will be able to satisfy their curious nature and gain an understanding of how the world works which they will take with them when they move on to 'big school'.

Placing your child in a child care centre is the best way to prepare them for their future education. They will learn valuable skills that will stay with them throughout their life.

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