Two Situations in Which You Should Take an EWP Training Course

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Two Situations in Which You Should Take an EWP Training Course

There are quite a few situations in which it could be useful to undergo EWP training. Here are two sets of circumstances in which you should consider taking this type of course.

You want to set up your own painting and decorating business

If you hope to run your own painting and decorating business one day, then it could be a good idea to take an EWP training course.

On occasions when you need to paint the exterior of multi-storey buildings, you will need to use some type of access equipment to apply the paint to the upper storeys of these structures. Whilst you could just use a ladder, using an elevated work platform (like a scissor lift) instead would be far safer and more practical, as the latter would provide a much more stable and spacious base to stand on whilst you work.

However, if you have not taken an EWP training course and received your certificate, you will not be legally allowed to use this equipment to carry out any painting or decorating work that needs to be done at height. This, in turn, will put you in a position where you have no other option but to use a ladder for this work. This could increase your risk of falling and being badly injured (as ladders are not as stable as scissor lifts and other EWPs), which could then affect your ability to run your business.

It could also slow down the speed with which you complete outdoor painting jobs, as each time you want to paint a new area of a wall, you will have to get off the ladder and manually transport it to that new area (along with all of your painting tools).

Conversely, if you had a scissor lift at your disposal, all you would have to do is ask a co-worker at the base of the equipment to drive it to the new area.

In short, taking a training course like this will enable you to run your painting and decorating business in a safer and more efficient manner.

You want to apply for jobs on construction sites

If you want to work as a labourer on a construction site, then it is certainly worth undergoing EWP training. Due to the high number of applicants for jobs on building sites, it can be difficult to obtain this type of work. With so many people competing for the same position, many of whom have similar levels of work experience, you may find it hard to make your application stand out.

However, taking a training course that teaches you how to use EWPs (and subsequently receiving your certificate) will make you a far more attractive candidate in the eyes of those recruiting for positions on construction sites.

This is because being able to safely operate EWPs is an extremely useful skill on a building site. It will allow you to do a whole host of different tasks that need to be done at a height, like rendering the exterior walls of a house's upper storeys, performing repair work on a building's gutters or fitting windows in the walls of tall buildings.

As such, this course could make it considerably easier for you to secure a job as a labourer on a building site.

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